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At Animal Clinic of Honolulu, we want to help you and your pet gets off to a good start by getting them the vaccinations they need. If you have a new puppy or kitten or plan to get one, give us a call and let us get your pet started on vaccines. Dogs can start vaccines at 16 weeks and kittens even younger, and there are some boosters required to keep them up to date. Animal Clinic of Honolulu is here to provide the veterinary care you need to help your pet live a long and healthy life.


Getting vaccinated

Some vaccines are required by law, and others are essential for the health of your pet. Rabies is the main one that pets get. There are core vaccines that are considered essential, and they are the starting point. There are others that are recommended for the best health of your pet.  After you get started, you will likely bring your pet in for yearly well-pet checkups, and that is when vaccines are administered after the puppy or kitten stage has passed. Our animal hospital would like to take care of all aspects of your pet's health, and having one provider makes treatment easier when health issues arise.

Dog vaccines

Rabies and other core vaccines can be started on pups as early as 16 weeks. Rabies shots and boosters will be needed throughout the dog's life.  Rabies is contagious and fatal but it can be prevented. Distemper, parvovirus, and adenovirus are all viruses that are part of the core vaccine. Flu shots are also available, and there are different kinds of flu for dogs.  Lyme disease is another illness that can be prevented with shots. There are also tick and flea treatments, which can be considered vaccinations as well. Heartworm preventative, like flea and tick treatments, is pills you give your dog, but these are essentially vaccines as well. Kennel cough is another vaccination you will need if you board your pet.

Cat vaccines

Vaccinations for cats are very similar to the ones dogs get. Cats and kittens can start with vaccinations at eight weeks. The rabies vaccination is the baseline vaccine that all animals need.  Cats get two shots, a year apart each, and then get booster shots every three years. Feline distemper and feline herpesvirus are two viruses that can be prevented with vaccinations as well. Feline Leukemia is also an important vaccine, which is not a core vaccine. For this one, the animal should be tested first to be sure it does not have leukemia. Bordetella and calicivirus are two more vaccines your cat will need.

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Call Animal Clinic of Honolulu today to get your pet started on vaccinations. As your veterinarian, we can help them live a long and healthy life, and that starts with vaccinations.


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