Microchipping at Animal Clinic Of Honolulu

Losing a beloved pet is heartbreaking. No matter how protective you are of your animal, pets can still get lost or stolen. Microchipping your animal is one of the best ways to ensure you two reunite if ever separated. At Animal Clinic Of Honolulu, we strongly urge pet owners consider microchipping their pets.


How Does Microchipping Work?

A microchip is a small computer chip our veterinarians implant under the pet's skin. It contains a unique identification number that links your pet to your contact information if he or she becomes lost and someone finds them. An animal hospital or shelter will use a scanner to determine if the lost pet has a microchip. The identification number associated with your pet is linked to your information in a database. The animal hospital, shelter, or police station can then contact you to be reunited with your best friend.

How Does My Pet Get Microchipped? 

A microchip is inserted in the same manner pets receive vaccines. If pets are comfortable getting their routine vaccination, they will be fine with this non-invasive process. Your pet will feel only slight discomfort when the needle is inserted. Some pet owners opt to get their pet microchipped when they are already under anesthesia for other procedures like spaying and neutering. There is no need to worry about possible side effects or other long-term complications from microchipping.

Difference Between Microchips and ID Tags

Both microchips and ID tags are great ways to identify your dog or cat. A tag is the first method of identification. When a lost pet is found, the ID tag displays a phone number for a quick return of your beloved pet. Microchipping is the best method to reunite you and your pet if ever separated. Unlike ID tags, microchips do not break or fall off. They are with your pet even if your pet wanders off and gets lost.

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We know that you love your pet and that you would never want to lose them, but sometimes animals get separated from their homes or lost. Understand that our professional staff at Animal Clinic Of Honolulu is here to ensure you and your pet are reunited. Our dedicated staff will be happy to make an appointment that works with your schedule. You can reach us at(808) 734-0255. Whether your pet needs a routine exam or emergency pet care, our Honolulu office is ready to provide the care your pet needs.


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