Microchipping FAQs

Most of us who own a pet have heard of microchipping but often wonder if it's the right choice for our cat or dog. At the Animal Clinic of Honolulu, we provide an array of pet-related services, including microchipping. Our veterinarian can help explain this easy procedure and complete it promptly. Here are some of the most common questions we get about pet microchipping.


What Is Microchipping? 

A pet microchip is a small device that gets implanted underneath the skin. The tiny chip contains information that has been stored inside before going inside your pet. Should your pet get lost, the data can get scanned by nearly any humane society or veterinarian. 

Is Microchipping My Pet Important? 

In short: Yes. Microchipping your pet increases the chance that you'll get reunited with your pet. This technology has the advantage over collars or identification tags that can get lost or fade. Most people who find a lost pet will either bring it to an animal shelter where they have access to scanners that can identify the owner. If you have had a pet who has run off before, the small investment is more than worth it. Once your pet has the microchip, it serves as permanent identification, which gives pet owners the peace of mind they deserve. 

Does Microchipping My Pet Hurt Them? 

Deciding to get your pet microchipped is a simple process that doesn't cause them any pain or discomfort. It's similar to when they get a vaccination. When a pet gets microchipped, we lift a flap of skin near the shoulder so they can't bite or claw at it. Then, it heals quickly around the injection site, much like when coming in for a routine vaccine.

Do I Need to Do Anything After My Pet Gets Microchipped? 

The best thing about a microchip is the hands-off approach to identifying your pet. The most important thing pet owners need to do is ensure all contact information is current. Then, our veterinarian can scan it during a yearly wellness exam to ensure its functioning correctly. Essentially, they last a lifetime!

Is Microchipping My Pet Expensive? 

Pet microchipping is affordable and doesn't take much of your time. Also, it doesn't matter how big your pet is, as it serves the same purpose of identification.

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At Animal Clinic of Honolulu, we have been providing local residents with reliable pet care services for many years. If you're interested in getting your pet microchipped, don't hesitate to reach out today. Call us at(808) 734-0255 for more information on microchipping or to schedule an appointment with our veterinarian. 


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