Full Mouth Pet Extractions

There are some occasions for which full mouth pet extractions are called for in pets. This can be a highly complicated procedure that takes a while to perform and comes with a recovery period. After full mouth pet extractions, your pet will likely need a soft type of food to make it easier to eat without teeth.

While this is an invasive surgery, we take every care to treat your pet for the least amount of pain possible and to keep it comfortable. Contact Animal Clinic of Honolulu to make an appointment to have a veterinarian examine your pet's teeth to see whether it needs this procedure to alleviate dental problems.

Full Mouth Pet Extractions

Why Full Mouth Extractions?

Getting a full mouth dental extraction of your pet means that all of its teeth are removed. This can be highly beneficial to several pets who have specific, damaging conditions. Many pets are in constant pain because of their dental problems, and full mouth pet extractions can relieve this pain.

Several conditions affect dogs and cats that can lead to chronic pain. In cats, stomatitis, gingivitis, and other conditions can lead to not only pain but life-threatening conditions. The best treatment for these is to have all of the teeth removed. The earlier in the condition that this is done, the better the outcome and the better their prognosis.

In dogs, there are conditions such as chronic ulcerative paradental stomatitis that also cause chronic pain. This can cause the dog's gums, tongue, and lips to be ulcerated and swollen. These conditions can be treated by having the teeth removed so that the pet finds pain relief. For some dental conditions, getting the teeth extracted is the only option for treatment.

The Extraction Process

When a pet gets a full mouth extraction, it is kept unconscious by an IV medication so that it feels no pain during the procedure. Afterward, it is given pain medication so that the recovery time is easier. In addition, you may be given pain medication to administer to your pet in the days afterward.

You will have to ensure that your pet takes its medications and that it has very soft food to eat as it is healing. It may take a week or two before your pet feels normal again. Furthermore, your pet will feel even better than normal because the dental pain will be gone.

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If your pet is having dental problems, it needs to see a vet to have the dental and gum damage assessed. Call our team at Animal Clinic of Honolulu today at (808) 734-0255 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.


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