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Importance of An Annual Pet Exam

Animal Clinic of Honolulu Reminds Pet Owners of the Importance of an Annual Pet Exam

Just as humans need a routine exam every year, so do pets. This is especially important for pets because they have a much shorter lifespan and age at a faster pace than humans do. In some instances, especially as pets age or are diagnosed with health problems, our Honolulu veterinarian may recommend a routine pet exam every six months. An annual pet exam at Animal Clinic of Honolulu is very important for catching health problems before they become serious.

What Happens at an Annual Pet Exam with Our Veterinarian in Honolulu?

During an annual pet exam, our veterinarian will talk with you about any concerns you may have about your pet. Be sure to think about your pet's health and behavior before coming and ask us any questions that you may have. Our team will perform a physical exam, which includes taking your pet's temperature, listening his heart and lungs, inspecting his coat, eyes, nose, and ears, as well as evaluating his abdomen and checking out his paws and nails. If any concerns are found, our veterinarian will make recommendations for further tests or procedures.

A dental exam is also an important part of the annual pet exam with our Honolulu veterinarian. We will look for tartar, loose teeth, unhealthy gums, tumors, objects stuck between the teeth, and other abnormalities. If any problems are found, our team may recommend a cleaning or dental procedure. These procedures are done under general anesthesia if necessary.

An annual exam is also the time to update vaccines if necessary. Our veterinarian will check to see if any vaccines are due and administer them if necessary.

Make an appointment for your annual pet exam at Animal Clinic of Honolulu, your friendly veterinarian in Honolulu. This exam is important to ensure that your pet is healthy and feeling great.


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