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Pet Surgery at Our Honolulu Animal Clinic

Pet Surgery at Our Honolulu Animal Clinic

As a pet owner, it can be scary to think of your pets having surgery. You love your pets, and you'd do anything to take care of their health. At Animal Clinic of Honolulu, our caring veterinarians and office staff are here to make your pets’ surgical procedure as comfortable as possible, for both you and your pets. Our Kissimmee Animal Clinic staff puts patient care first.

Routine and Advanced Surgical Procedures

Some surgical procedures for pets are routine, such as orthopedic surgery, dental cleanings, and spay/ neuter procedures. These procedures can be scheduled well in advance. While these procedures are typically not for life threatening conditions, they can greatly improve your pets’ quality of life.

Other surgical procedures are of a more urgent nature, such as tumor removal, emergency wound care, soft tissue removal, organ removal, and other life-saving care. We do everything in our power to help your pets live a comfortable, healthy life. This means staying up to date on the latest surgical technologies and techniques to care for your pets.

Preparing for Surgery

If your pet is coming into the office for a routine surgery, be sure to pay special attention to your pet's pre-op instructions. Depending on the surgery, we may ask that your pet not eat or drink anything the night before and/or the day of the surgery. We also may request that you stop certain medications or supplements, as they may interfere with the procedure.

After Care

We'll provide you with clear after care instructions to help your pet's healing process. Of course, if you have any questions or concerns about your pet's recovery, you are more than welcome to call our office any time.

Call Our Honolulu Veterinarian

When it's time for your pet to have surgery, make sure you're working with a veterinarian you can trust. Call Animal Clinic of Honolulu at (808) 734-0255, and we'll schedule you for a consultation to meet with our veterinarians to discuss your pet's surgical needs.


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