Advanced Surgical Procedures

Advanced Veterinary Surgical Procedures in Honolulu

There are many circumstances that may require your pet to have surgery. Some of the most common types of procedures include removing a benign or malignant skin mass, removing bladder stones, and repairing fractures. If your pet has gotten into an accident, has been attacked by another animal, swallowed a foreign object, or has a serious infection, he or she might need pet surgical care. Sometimes pet surgery needs to be done because it is the only way to treat certain diagnoses, such as cancer. No matter what the reason for pet surgery, you want to take your pet to a caring, experienced, and trusted veterinarian. You will find these veterinarians at the Animal Clinic of Honolulu.

Advanced Veterinary Surgical Procedures in Honolulu

Pet Surgery in Honolulu, HI

Surgery usually does one of two things for your pet. It will either improve or save your pet’s life. Our vet wants your pet to have a healthy life as well as be around for as long as possible. In order to do both, our veterinarian proudly provides highly advanced veterinary surgical procedures. 

Some examples of surgeries we perform include splenectomies, and removal of other organs when necessary, tibial-plateau-leveling osteotomy (TPLO), and orthopedics surgeries. We also perform surgical procedures for emergent diagnosis, such as gastric dilatation volvulus (GDV), hemoabdomen, and intervertebral disc disease (IDD).  No matter what the case may be, our vet will do everything they can to enhance your pet's life, or to save it.

Along with life-improving and life-saving pet surgery, we offer common surgical procedures, such as spays, neuters, C-sections, tooth extractions, tumor removal, and laceration repair. 

Meet Our Pet Surgical Care Team

When your pet comes to our full-service veterinary medical facility for surgery, you know they are in good hands. Our pet surgical care team consists of three knowledgeable veterinarians who have a total of 46 years of experience in veterinary medicine.

Our experienced veterinarians include:

    • Matt Leara, DVM (21 years in practice)
    • Kristin Kunimoto, DVM (20 years in practice)
    • Karen Park, DVM (5 years in practice)

We also have highly trained veterinary assistants and technician staff, a friendly reception staff, and professional assistants in the exam room and wherever else they're needed.

Contact Us Today

If you live in Honolulu, HI, and need a trusted veterinarian to help meet the health needs of your pet, contact Animal Clinic of Honolulu at (808) 734-0255. We are located at 1048 Koko Head Ave. Our entire staff looks forward to treating your pet like a valued member of the family. We hope that your pet won't ever require surgery, but if they do need pet surgical care, we offer first-rate pet care in a calm and comfortable environment.


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